The Forge is a welcoming, multi-use space in Braamfontein, Johannesburg, at the corner of De Korte and Reserve Streets in the heart of the largest student district on the African continent, and close to both of Johannesburg’s universities. 

It is designed to facilitate the genesis, presentation and analysis of radical ideas from Pan-African, socialist, feminist and other progressive perspectives. The Forge is a space for the expression and discussion of ideas, for new encounters, and for the development of solidarities that embrace not only socially authorised intellectuals but also intellectuals in progressive popular organisations. These organisations include – as both protagonists and audiences – trade unions, social movements, community organisations, women’s organisations, student organisations, artistic and cultural workers, migrant groups, LGBTQI groups, the media and the historically censored, erased and maligned in general.

The Forge promotes the exposure of radical ideas

The Forge aims to be a catalytic space furthering the development of communities of reasoned, open and mutually respectful radical inquiry and solidarity. It is committed to internationalism and to working to oppose racism, sexism, xenophobia, homophobia, ableism, imperialism, capitalism and environmental degradation. It aims to place the lived experience, struggles and organisations of working class and impoverished people at the centre of its work. 

The Forge organises a range of relevant programmes and events incorporating theatre, music, dance, exhibitions, film screenings, poetry sessions, book launches, dialogues, colloquiums and workshops.

The Forge is also in a position to provide space for meetings, events and workshops held by broadly aligned and non-sectarian organisations and projects. We welcome proposals for collaboration and synergy.