Red Road to Freedom by Tom Lodge

The Forge and Tricontinental Institute for Social Research invite you to attend a live (and live streamed) book launch of Red Road to Freedom: A History of the South African Communist Party 1921-2021 by renowned Historian Tom Lodge – currently Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of Limerick, formerly Professor of Political […]

Ilifa and Unam Wena

The Forge and uHlanga Press invite you to the launch of Ilifa by Athambile Masola and of Unam Wena by Mthunzikazi A. Mbungwana. In Ilifa, her first published collection of poetry, Athambile Masola gifts us with an isiXhosa that is written as it is spoken – as a language that is urban, alive, and is a reflection of our own unique time […]

Nation on the Couch by Wahbie Long

The Forge and Melinda Ferguson Books are happy to invite you to the launch of Nation on the Couch by Wahbie Long. Nation on the Couch “explores life in our beloved country through the lens of psychoanalysis. By focusing on the idea of a ‘political unconscious’, it argues that there is much to be learnt […]