Covid-19: Is hunger the biggest threat?

T. Courtney Williams speaks to Wandile Sihlobo, chief economist Agbiz (Agricultural Business Chamber) and Maya a Silva, a research agronomist who is currently working with the ZZ2 Covid-19 Response Team about whether or not Covid-19 and the national lockdown have caused problems for food supply in the country. They also discuss the causes of hunger in South Africa and future challenges to food production due to the pandemic.


Wandile Sihlobo is Chief Economist Agbiz (Agricultural Business Chamber).

Maya da Silva is a research agronomist with an MSc in Agronomy. Her research topic was on the productivity potential and the environmental impacts of small- and large-scale agricultural systems in Nanyuki, Kenya and Gurue, Mozambique.

She is currently working at ZZ2 on their COVID-19 Response Team focusing on risk assessments, protocol development, and implementation of Response Plans.


T. Courtney Williams is an equity strategist and facilitator who is passionate about deconstructing and redesigning systems with traditionally marginalised communities as the designers.