The Forge exists to facilitate the genesis, presentation and analysis of radical ideas from Pan-African, socialist, feminist and other progressive perspectives. It is a space for the expression and discussion of ideas, and for the development of solidarities that embrace not only socially authorised intellectuals but also intellectuals in popular organisations.

Ubomi Bethu, Nemizamo Yethu:
Florence Sekolane

As we shine the light on women this month, on their contributions and how they have and continue to shape histories, on how they mold the present and influence our futures in remarkable ways, let us remember the women who are fighting battles where they find themselves. These are women who will not be given […]

Nyarha Farmworkers

Join us for the premiere screening of The Forge’s first documentary “Nyarha Farmworkers”. This documentary considers “the personal as the political” with a focus on farmworkers in Bedford (Nyarha), Eastern Cape. It seeks to document the lived experiences and struggles of farmworkers. How do the people who work the land articulate their relationship (historical and […]

Red Road to Freedom by Tom Lodge

The Forge and Tricontinental Institute for Social Research invite you to attend a live (and live streamed) book launch of Red Road to Freedom: A History of the South African Communist Party 1921-2021 by renowned Historian Tom Lodge – currently Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of Limerick, formerly Professor of Political […]

Political Revival October 2021

The Forge invites you to a Political Revival through Music and Poetry Political Revival theme: Black Wednesday and Political Repression in the 1970s ProgramPresentation: The oppressed had a way of responding to the oppressor by Dr JoeThloloe (Chairperson of the Aggrey Klaaste Trust, Veteran Journalist, former Editorand Press Ombudsman) Poetry and Musical rendition by MoAfrika […]