Anti-Imperialist Week of Action 2020: Poetry

This week is the International Week of Anti-Imperialist Struggle. 

We stand with social movements and communities all over the world who are denouncing and fighting imperialism today. In joining this struggle, we hope to work towards building a society where humanity can live in dignity and peace; working together to heal, restore and protect the planet. 

The International Anti-Imperialist Struggle comes out from people’s movements, organizations, political organisations, and networks from across the globe that recognise that the peoples of the world must unite to confront our common enemies. As a way to live collectively at this time, we make use of many tactics and methods to wage our struggle against imperialism. Poetry as an art form reaffirms and celebrates our commitment to the struggle to rescue our history and working-class symbols. In this poetry session held at The Commune bookshop in Johannesburg South Africa, we denounce imperialism in all its manifestations through lifting up people’s struggles.

Filmed by Nonzuzo Gxekwa
Edited by Andy Mkosi