Anti-Imperialist Week of Action 2020: Imperialism and the land question

The multifaceted impact of colonialism and imperialism in Africa, ranging from land dispossession, the exploitation of indigenous people and ultimately a disruption of life as they knew it, has resulted in a perpetual cycle of loss and poverty. Loss of land, loss of home etc. In many ways, the devaluation of the lives and labour of the black poor in many African countries can be attributed to this loss and poverty. Landlessness and poverty are interconnected in Africa. The webinar seeks to discuss these issues and how, in our struggles against imperialism, it is fundamental to ask the question of why indigenous people in Africa have largely remained poor and landless.


Busisiwe Diko is the Interim Youth League Coordinator of Abahlali Basemjondolo Social movement. She is the Coordinator of the sub-Saharan Africa and International People’s Assembly youth committee. Busisiwe is a student and an activist.

Siyabonga Sithole is the Land Rights Activist and Programmes Manager at the Association For Rural Advancement (AFRA). Key areas of knowledge and advocacy are the rights of people living on commercial farms that they do not own (i.e. farm workers, labour tenants and land claimants).

Jonis Ghedi Alasow is the Director of Pan Africa Today. He runs Nkrumah School: A popular Education project grounded in pan-Africanism and is part of sub-Saharan Africa Anti-Imperialist Week. Jonis did an MA on: Popular Politics in Rural South Africa: The case study of Ruiterbos


Yvonne Phyllis is Co-Director of Operations at The Forge.