Book Launch: Red Road to Freedom by Tom Lodge

The Forge and Tricontinental Institute for Social Research invite you to attend a live (and live streamed) book launch of Red Road to Freedom: A History of the South African Communist Party 1921-2021 by renowned Historian Tom Lodge – currently Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of Limerick, formerly Professor of Political Studies at the University of the Witwatersrand. 

“Tom Lodge’s Red Road to Freedom takes us into the rich world of communism in South Africa, a political force that continues to try to deepen democracy and build humanity.” Vijay Prashad


Thursday 28 October 2021




Tom Lodge is the author of several books on South African history, including Black Politics in South Africa since 1945, Mandela: A Critical Biography, Sharpeville: An Apartheid Massacre and its Consequences


Dr Vashna Jagarnath is a Director of both Pan Africa Today and Friends of the Workers. She is also Deputy General Secretary of the Socialists Revolutionary Workers’ Party Date: Thursday 28 October 2021

Free to attend