Journal Launch: New Agenda Special Issue: African Resource Sovereignty: Development or Environmental Vandalism?

The Forge and Tricontinental Institute for Social Research invites you to an in-person launch of the Special Issue of the Institute for African Alternatives (IFAA) New Agenda journal, titled African Resource Sovereignty: Development or Environmental Vandalism? 

This journal explores the following:

  • Early Post-Independence Lessons for Natural Resources Sovereignty
  • Social, Economic and Environmental Justice
  • The Agrarian-Mining nexus and Energy Sovereignty
  • Resources Sovereignty: Beautiful contested vision(s)
  • Books, Music and Poetry

Efemia Chela, Editor Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research (South Africa) and Commissioning Editor Inkani Books

Guest Editor
Dr Hibist Kassa, Research Coordinator with WoMin African Alliance. She has published on the themes of Social Reproduction, Imperialism and Conflict in Africa and Political Economy of Natural Resources. 

Boipelo Bonokwane, Pan-African feminist activist. Program Manager, Africa at Thousand Currents

Spoken word performance from New Agenda Special Issue  
Qondiswa James, award winning theatre-maker, performance artist, film and theatre performer, installation artist, writer, arts facilitator and activist 

Musical performance
Reza Khota Trio