Call For Art: Unemployment

The Forge is calling on all cultural workers, producers and hobbyists to submit posters, paintings, photographs, videos, poems, songs or recordings of live performances to an online exhibition addressing South Africa’s unemployment crisis. Tell us how you feel, how you’ve been affected, what solutions you imagine or any other thoughts you may have on the […]

Section27 10 Years of Impact

SECTION27 marked its ten-year anniversary. This exhibition invites us to take the time to review the performance of this organisation of catalysts for social justice, as we all attempt to evaluate, co-create and operate in this new normal.

Posterity #2 Don’t Make me Over

The video-installation intervention titled ‘Don’t make me over’ is part of a series of works within the ambit of The Posterity Project: that act as disruption and public provocation, within selected archival and heritage sites. Besides the installation at The Forge and The Commune situated within the newly gentrified heart of Braamfontein, Johannesburg, the Castle […]